Alan Lappin Politics 2016

Alan Lappin, Independent Candidate stands for Indi against the Odds

By the People for the People.

Australia’s major political parties have betrayed us, our values and even our identity as True Blue Aussies. The arrogant and self-serving manner in which they’ve broken major election promises, abused parliamentary privileges and undermined the trust Australians placed in them is disgusting and sickening.


Our Politicians have allowed the wealthy and the privileged to corrupt our parliaments and our judicial systems, concentrating wealth and power as never before into ever-fewer hands; feathering their own nests while undermining and attacking the living standards of mainstream Australians.


They are mocking values which collectively and uniquely define us as Australians: freedom for individuals to speak and to choose, freedom from discrimination, a ‘fair go mate’ for everyone with equal rights for all under law, equal and aspirational opportunities for all, ‘mateship’ such as giving a helping hand to those in need.


It is up to us to reassert that Australia is about all Australians united as one people, and our electorate of Indi is a great place to start. This is a part of my vision for our future.


If elected as the Member for Indi: I will promote individual and community wellbeing throughout Indi; we will work to ensure everyone gets a fair share in what Australia offers and is able to contribute meaningfully and productively to a more environmentally sustainable and better future.


Close to my heart is the need to ensure that the massive gap between the rich and the destitute poor is properly and genuinely addressed. Decent societies ensure fair living standards for all, they build compassion and capacity and worship dignity. We must care for the unemployed, the disadvantaged, marginalised Australians, our kids, the frail and for the elderly; we must share the wealth of our Nation equitably.






I will champion a society that practices fair dinkum democracy that protects all citizens equally. One backed by a properly funded legal aid system for those who cannot afford legal representation. A society that empowers all its people and provides a State Education System of the best quality possible where race and religious bias are excluded. I will fight against the Americanisation of our health, welfare and education systems. 


We must rid our country of the latest antidemocratic draconian laws (antiterrorism, metadata, media blackout and control laws that deny freedom speech and freedom of journalism). We are losing our freedom.


As the Member for Indi I will be dedicated to making our region the best place to live in Australia; one boasting a diverse, dynamic, circular and futures-focused economy that maximises what its people and their environment can sustainably provide and whose social and cultural life values celebrates who we are. By building an inclusive united community that embraces all its members in goal setting, problem solving, planning and development, we can be the best of the best.


Poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, drug abuse and crime in our electorate has risen dramatically, a reflection of incompetence by our local members of parliament and incompetent economic management by successive Governments. Fuelling these problems are the collapse of our manufacturing industries, struggling small businesses, the betrayal of our farmers, the Great Sell Off of our essential services, publically owned industries and assets, including our lands and water. Massive cuts in human support services and welfare support demonstrate the insincerity of our wealthy elitist politicians towards caring for average Australians in need.   


It is our greatest moral obligation to stop un-controlled capitalism; the dung of evil as described by Pope Francis; the driver of Global Warming that threatens our very existence. We need an environmental dollar scheme, a cap on individual wealth and a fresh look at the impact of limitless human population growth. Embracing clean energy and turning away from mindless materialism will ensure a future for all our kids and future generations.




Collectively, our major parties have betrayed our trust and sold Australia out to dog-eat-dog globalisation; even creating slave labour forces to serve the greed of the super wealthy. We must not allow the sacrifices, the struggles and the stories of our ancestors to be denied and corrupted any longer. We must recognise Indigenous Australians in our constitution properly and embrace their history and culture as an integral part of our Nation. 


The wages and conditions of average Australians are now under siege while large corporations and the superrich avoid taxes, thumbing their noses at us. Conditions we fought for including annual leave, long service leave, sick leave and job security are being destroyed and undermined by the Liberal/National and Labour’s work for the dole’ scheme, their 457 visas, the Great Sell Off of Australia. Slave Labour must be stopped.


Our major parties have deliberately allowed the proliferation of toxic Genetically Modified Foods and Crops across Australia while Europe and Russia ban them, they have allowed the disastrous practice of CSG (Fracking) which has now seen hundreds of square kilometres of prime agricultural land destroyed possibly for ever and continue to expand coal mining industry despite their propaganda; we could have been the world leaders in Green Energy and the exporters of its products. They even want to make Australia a nuclear waste dump for the Northern Hemisphere. In 2010 I said: “Enough is Enough”, surely in 2016 it is well and truly Enough; change your vote to your genuine Independent Alan Lappin.


If just 50.1% of the people in Indi Vote for Alan Lappin at the next federal election we average citizens will begin a revolution of change; major political parties will receive an emphatic message that they must stop, look, listen and show some respect to us. Divide and conquer and dishonest politics must end in our country and the people must end it.


Honesty, integrity, love, caring and sharing and compassion are humanities greatest qualities; they empower all of us towards a better future.

Vote 1: Alan Lappin; your genuine Independent Candidate for Indi.


Written and Authorised by Alan Lappin 191 Colvin Road Boorhaman North VIC    

Why Vote for Alan Lappin

Your Independent Candidate for Indi.
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Independent Candidate for Indi Alan Lappin (photograph courtesy of the Wangaratta Chronicle)
Help me make a quality difference for all Australians
• Restore accountability, demand honesty, integrity and human compassion.
• Reclaim democracy by putting a fair share of non wealthy average citizens into our parliaments.
• Ensure equity via a ‘Fair Dinkum Fair Go’ for all Australians approach! Fight Human Greed!
• I will consult, unite and support the well being of all our community in Indi.
• Protect and cherish our children’s futures by ensuring our planet is going to be fit to live on in the future.
Reclaim our democratic representation
• 90% of Australians now live on average incomes or lower. We are the average citizens.
• Almost all of our federal parliamentarians are privileged elite, wealthy high flying legal, medical and corporate professionals. The Average Citizen is missing!
• These wealthy elitist are increasingly unrepresentative of the Australian people; that is why Australia is being sold out; a betrayal of the ANZACS; why the rich are getting richer; why things are getting tough for the average citizens. We must stop the lies, facades and deceit!
• The Australia that I grew up in everyone had a fair go. Our society embraced everyone and promised opportunity to all. We cared about our mates. That is my commitment to you.
Prioritise education, health, employment, fair trade.
• We must regain the balance of health and education equality for everyone.
• Nationalisation of our health system will improve services and contain cost.
• Our taxes are to pay for public education not to subsidise the wealthy private schools.
• People everywhere should be paid a decent wage and treated fairly in the work place.
• Australian business and Farmers have everything stacked against them as they try to compete with cheap imports and honour inflexible industrial practices and agreements.
• The removal of tariffs is the worst case of betrayal of the average Australian citizen.
Sustainable population and resource use.
• We must limit our population to 30 million citizens in order to achieve genuine social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability and build dynamic circular economies.
• Our agricultural lands, minerals, water, even our fuels and essential services are being sold overseas and exported for a pittance, now we pay escalating prices for energy and fuels.
• We need to live with less water and prepare our community for climate change impacts.
• We must stop high water use crops, such as rice and cotton and restore the Murray Darling Basin according to science; our future children depend on our ethics and unselfishness.
Challenge the great inequality!
• The great imbalance in wealth has been created by our wealthy politicians; now over 2.2 million Australians are living in poverty and life for average Australians is getting tough.
• We must get tough and overhaul our tax system to redistribute wealth.
• Continuing down a path of more for the rich and less for the poor will lead to social instability, high levels of crime and eventual socio-economic collapse.
So why should you elect me to serve you in Parliament?
We need informed and dedicated politicians who will consult with and represent the interests of mainstream Australians; a politician who will unite the community of Indi and work together for the good of all instead of being divisive and destructive. I am absolutely committed to reclaiming genuine democracy for the average citizen. Honesty and integrity must be restored. Help me make Indi the best of the best for all of our community. Supercharge your vote, empower the average citizen and restore the rights of the mainstream Australians by voting for the only True Blue Genuine Average Aussie Independent. Vote 1 Alan Lappin.
Authorised and written by Alan Lappin. 191 Colvin Road Boorhaman Nth VIC 3685
Printed by Chiltern Lions Club 57 Albert Rd Chiltern 3683
Google: bigal2canberra for a deeper look at Alan Lappin’s policies. email: Mail PO Box 1234 Wangaratta 3676

Liberal/National Party wrong on the National Broadband Network

Firstly my opinion on the NBN is based on my former career in communications of 40 years. I am well rehearsed in both copper wire and optical fibre networks and the problems associated mixed technologies. The great advantages of optical fibre are extremely high speed data transmission speeds, immunity from electromagnetic interference such as lightning strikes, powerlines radiation electric fence noise, mobile phone interference and many other sources; all big problems for regional Australians. Copper networks are subject to all these problems and cannot match optical fibre on speed and reliability. Optical fibre has a much longer lifespan where copper is subject to electrolysis and other environmental degenerative processes. The current proposed NBN will benefit all Australians well into the future and must not be compromised by the Liberal/National’s second rate proposal of mixed technologies. One way or another, this will cost Australia a lot of money but the payback of getting it right in the first place will be enormous and everyone will benefit; don’t accept a network full of bottle necks and ongoing problems delivered by a cheap and nasty approach that will have to be inevitably fixed into the future at far greater cost. Regional Australians deserve and need the best so that we can improve our time management and productivity making us more competitive into the future.
Alan J Lappin
Former Independent Candidate for Indi
191 Colvin Road

Food Security Challenges

Even the great conservative Mr Tim Fischer has now acknowledged climate change impacts are deadly serious placing world food security at great risk; the Himalayan Glaciers are melting fast and will dramatically impact food production along the Mekong and Ganges Rivers within 25 years. Hundreds of millions of people will be affected. Little wonder China and other countries are buying agricultural land all around the world including Australia big time. According to scientific reports world wide agricultural land is being lost at an alarming rate due to desertification, salinity, soil acidification, erosion, rising sea levels and of course urban sprawl; by 2030 the loss may be as large in area as the country of India. In Australia people have been deliberately confused and lied to about climate change, but no longer at least according to Tim Fischer, Amazing Hey! CSIRO scientist said our continent maybe more severely impacted than many other places on Earth. I have argued for years that we should have been preparing for worst case scenario by stopping the great sell off of our lands, minerals and water, by reducing our over consumption and dependency on water and stopping the environmental vandalism of our forest by excessive burning. And that the original Murray Darling Basin Plan should have been implemented. Our wealthy elitist politicians have failed in their duty of care to the Australian Citizens; securing votes through lies and deceit has taken precedent. Noting Alan Lappin was completely snubbed from the Charles Sturt University debate.
Alan J Lappin
Former Independent Candidate for Indi
191 Colvin Road

Asylum Seekers, the Boat people

Mr Rudd’s and Mr Abbott’s policies on refugees/asylum seekers coming by boat are inhumane; morally and ethically wrong. Abbott’s policy of sending the boats back condemns fellow human beings to extreme hardship and or possible death from drowning or the barrel of a gun; arguably murder on the high seas. Rudd’s policy of sending fellow human beings to New Guinea without any choice or consideration of circumstances is a denial of human rights and these people will be going to a country not yet ready for them in terms of housing or anything else; they may also face a hostile reception leading to great hardship and or death; arguably murder on the high seas. The people making these treacherous journeys are mostly innocent and desperate fellow human beings, men, women and children escaping from hell. Numerous television documentaries show this to be true. These people should be processed humanely then re-housed on a regional agreement basis. Non genuine refugees/asylum seekers should be flown back to where they came from. The people smuggler argument is a deceitful façade creating an excuse for inhumane policy towards people in need of help. Noting more illegal entry into Australia is via air than by sea. Focussing on the boats is a Tony Abbott drug now swallowed by Kevin Rudd, a political deception blinding Australians to a much greater issue, “the Elephant in the room”: taking Australia’s population towards 120 million people. At best 30 million maybe sustainable and that’s a big maybe!
Alan J Lappin
Independent Candidate for Indi
191 Colvin Road

Cross Roads of Humanity

Crossroads of Humanity 2.

By Alan James Lappin 5/3/2013


            A time of great uncertainty is upon us with endless inputs of human thinking and behaviour; a time of accelerating change filled with both excitement and deep concern. The age we now live in has been referred to as the Age of Greed going from the selfish and highly materialistic baby boomer generation transcending to Gen Y now referred to as the self indulgent generation.

            Humanity is a mixed bag with many different cultures with somewhat vastly and far to often opposing ideals. Deep religious divides exist passed down from medieval times, contrived to control the human mind itself, particularly the minds of the average citizens in order to enhance and protect the Empires of Kings and Queens, now expanded to extremely wealthy individuals and families, powerful Churches and giant corporations and financial institutions. Adding to this disturbing assemblage is a human population now exceeding several billion persons of whom six billion live in hardship with many in complete destitution.

            Humanity has moved from World War 2 proceeded by a litany of minor wars based on resource acquisition and protection under the facades of protecting human rights and improving world security; empire building by world power brokers continues. Enormous pressures are building with new and vast economies emerging; people almost everywhere seeking greater material wealth and pleasures. Human migration is enormous with people everywhere moving to escape hardship and even death, or simply those wanting to travel the world site seeing, engulfed in a form of mass hysteria with over 6 million people flying in jet powered airplanes at any second in time, burning up huge natural resources and destroy the environment to do so. This is an anthropocentric world where nothing of any of this provides any nurturing of the Natural Environment, of our Planet, that place we all depend upon for life and our very existence.  

            Great advances in education, science, medicine and understanding have occurred along with human compassion and a conscious awareness of our place in the universe form the positives of our evolution. The positives are tragically overshadowed by deliberate divisiveness aimed at command and conquer, accumulation of wealth and power without conscience or compassion; the exploitation of the masses for the survival of the Greediest and most sinister people on Earth. Huge military machines and arsenals of deadly weapons stand ready to annihilate any perceived threats to the wealth and power of those at the top end of town; the Kings and Queens and Super Rich and Greedy, just a few hundred humans out of billions handed down wealth and power over time. These groups along with their sinister contrived institutions, armies and stealth like organisations have proven themselves brutally cruel and ruthless stifling human social and moral evolution it to suit their needs and their wellbeing only!

            The big question then is how does humanity advance, evolve and survive under such a sinister background? A background employing the most insidious strategies and technologies of all time to maintain their powerful grip and control over changes; stifling good common and decent human qualities that may threaten their contrived world. The very institutions such as our schools and universities that are supposed to set our minds free are strictly limited as to what they can teach and in fact are used as a further means of mind control avoiding the big questions of politics, greed, religious indoctrination and so never questioning capitalism and our aspirations to materialism itself. Scientific and Philosophical thinking, and environmental knowledge are avoided, carefully hidden from the masses for these aspects of thinking expose our contrived plastic world with all of its lies and deceit. There is nothing new here, a simple trip back in time to Plato’s Republic almost 2500 years ago opens one’s eyes to the stark reality that nothing in humanity has changed accept for industrial and technological advancements and because the greater human thinking has been shut down we have remained selfishly childlike but armed with weapons of mass destruction. The basic tools only, that allow each individual to participate within society are taught thus creating one generation after another of human worker bees no different to the honey bees serving their Queens and Drones, however our bee hives are far more sinister and self destructive totally out of touch and out of balance with Nature itself.

            The happening of the Industrial age has brought many great advances for humanity but it comes with great cost. Demands for energy to run our machines and cities and the resources needed to build all the associated infrastructure has grown to unlimited expectations as if based on a planet of infinite size. Sickening pollution vented from our human machines and factories now taints the whole planet threatening many living ecological systems already pushed to the point of extinction by human expansion and spacial demands. One deadly byproduct of all this human demand comes in the forms of billions of tones of additional manmade carbon dioxide and associated greenhouse gasses, arisen to challenge humanity itself; creating a curse called Global Warming and its deadly weapon Climate Change.

            Humanity is now stuck in a quandary, an enigma that may well prove un solvable, dilemma’s that will even impact the Kings and Queens and super wealthy along with all of the power brokers. Each hypothetical solution creates more dangerous scenarios each one capable of bringing about the extinction of our species and absolutely no guarantee that any one or several proposed fixes will work to stop the Grim Reaper that is Global Warming. Global Warming at supersonic speed that stops evolution in its tracks, for no species will be able to change and adapt anywhere quick enough to survive such powerful rates of change on our planet if this trend continues.

            Here we are at the crossroads of Humanity and our choices are very limited. The choices are nonnegotiable, a series of protocols that will give us a chance to survive. A unified approach by all of humanity must occur and will involve tearing down the old human world that has virtually no relationship with the planet we live and depend on. We will have to build a new age of humanity based on all of the good qualities of humanity, living in sustainable harmony with our planet where Love Caring and Sharing built on Honesty and Integrity rules our future. Only from here will the protocols for survival be apparent and available. To continue on our current path is to re live the sinking of the Titanic but this time there are no life boats; and without a rapid response by all humans and a revolutionary change in human attitudes and behaviour there will be no hope!



The Age of Emancipation of the Human Mind


            At that point where humanity stood at the precipice of existence the voices of revolutionary thinkers began to be heard; deep philosophical thinkers who could visualise a far more beautiful humanity living in harmony with each other and our living planet. It was now that people everywhere could see that life and the continence of life was far more important than contemporary values and the detached plastic world humanity had made for itself.

            In utter desperation humanity joined together and pulled down all of the great divides to perform an exorcism of insidious mind control mechanisms used over the centuries to liberate the power of human thinking itself across all of humanity. The whole process, the revolution could only start from the grass roots of civilization, but this time instead of being crushed and suppressed by Kings and Queens and Power Brokers, it was encouraged, for even they desired survival above all having finally realised that there were no special life boats to escape on, not even for them.

            Religious divisions evolved into a commonality in spirituality where no claims of knowledge were made but a belief in spiritual energies beyond our physical comprehension existed and prevailed equally over all of humanity. A God if you like not separate and beyond but a part of who we are, to seek both individually and collectively but never again with mind control practices; pure philosophical thinking had been rekindled across all of humanity driven by our greatest qualities of love and compassion with deep conscience and awareness of our place in the universe and dependence upon the health and wellbeing of our planet; being a part and not apart from life on Earth.

            It was now that human brain power worked together in unity and in purpose, a new age of science for all of the right reasons, the unification of humanity seen countless trillions of dollars previously spent on weaponry changed to feeding and caring for humanity and all life and fixing Global Warming. A new age of caring and sharing had has began limiting our greatest enemy, human greed itself for all time. Limiters, controllers and restrictors of the human mind were removed; emancipation of the human mind had began, empowering human evolution into The Age of Greatness fusing pure spiritually and reality together in harmony with our world and our universe. We had prevailed; we had evolved into the most magnificent loving and caring species at last!

Litigation; Out of Control

Litigation; Out of Control

Before I comment any further I must state, the vast majority of Legal Professionals are truly good genuine people acting fairly, ethically and professionally and the vast majority of community are good honest people, but the un-ethical legal eagles and un-principled people are killing our Nation. Australia is the most litigated Nation on Earth driven by Human Greed; greedy individuals encouraged and indeed manipulated by greedy Solicitors, Lawyers, and Judges and so on. The cost to the Australian Public is enormous and growing highlighted by recent absurd damage or injury claims from one end of the country to the other. Arguably this is all about human parasites and greed personified money munches. Many claims are absolutely ridiculous and the laws must be changed to prevent such un-principled claims by citizens and un-ethical behaviour by rogue legal eagles. “Fair and legitimate claims are not being questioned or criticised here”.  The fix is to change the Laws but to do this effectively means changing the Law Makers; our contemporary Politicians, most of who are from legal backgrounds; Law Makers feeding the legal system by creating a positive loop back effect to grow their own bank accounts and those of their mates. Australia is not in this mess by accident! The un-ethical should be banned from practice; the un-principled have opportunity removed and political parasites removed from parliament. Our professional and academic citizens should be serving community for the community and be fairly paid, but not joining the greed feast like vultures.

Alan J Lappin

Former Independent Candidate for Indi