The Big Buffalo Dam Fiasco

We must all learn to treasure our environment. Humans are destroying the remainder of the natural environment at frightening speed. Five years ago a football field of natural forest was being cleared every 30 minutes, now it is every 5 seconds. This is contributing to droughts, wildfires, death and destruction. Black Saturday in Victoria must surely act as a message that we are doing things very wrong. Big Buffalo Dam will not only cost countless of millions of dollars and take 25 years to build, but the destruction to the environment would be enormous including the death of the Ovens River system; the beneficiaries being a handful of wealthy irrigators. To fill the dam would take many more years and it may never happen (think about Lake Eildon), and remember scientific prediction is for less rain in our area.

People are being asked by political community leaders to support Big Buffalo against all common sense and scientific advice. The Big Buffalo Fiasco is about playing childish and deceitful politics. Ask yourself, would you invest your superannuation into Big Buffalo and wait 25 years before you get to see if the investment will work or not?  It’s time to get rid of irresponsible politicians who choose to ignore the deadly warning signs Mother Nature is sending to humanity. Big Buffalo is politically motivated, nonsensical emotional rubbish.

Find out what is going on, read ‘The Weather Makers’ by Tim Flannery and ‘Climate Code Red’ by David Spratt and Philip Sutton.

Authorised by Alan Lappin, PO Box 1234 Wangaratta VIC 3676

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