The Burning of Victoria

The Federal and State Governments, and Oppositions have accepted scientific evidence of global warming, warning of catastrophic effects if we don’t dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

                Massive fires, mainly lit by humans, have taken a terrible toll, including human life in a cruel and ghastly manner. These fires also added countless millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at a point in history when we are threatened with extinction from these types of gasses.

                People have been allowed to build in the forest or on its edges against all common sense, putting themselves at high risk and destroying the environment at the same time. Even after the cruel lesson of black Saturday, we have apparently failed to learn, and people are being allowed to return to the same situation. This is a result of planning incompetence and gutless governance.

                In Victoria the call by both the Government, including the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE), and the Victorian Liberal/National opposition is to burn and clear more forest. The putrid smoke we see and breath is evidence. Back burning to create forest regeneration makes sense! however incinerating thousands of native animals and plants to protect human stupidity makes no sense at all, especially in the light of global warming.

                Has the Government and the Opposition suddenly and conveniently forgotten that we are facing a potential extinction event, or is the reality that they simply don’t believe in scientific evidence. Political imbeciles and arsonist have no bounds.

                Burning farm stubble and clearing more forest means more greenhouse gasses, reducing rainfall in our area and adding to dry forest conditions, drought and more wild fires. This is what is called a positive feedback loop and if we continue with this medieval behaviour things will continue to get worse, not better.

Authorised  by Alan Lappin, PO Box 1234 Wangaratta VIC 3676

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