Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers are victims of governments and greedy corporates.  Advanced economies are exploiting third world countries by trading arms for their mineral resources such as diamonds, metals, oil, coal and so on; in doing so creating corrupt warlord driven governments that grab 99% of the wealth, leaving almost nothing for the average citizens. This situation creates the refugee,s and western governments play a major role. There are fair and decent solutions which could include an international ban on weapons trading and further intervention by the United Nations policing unethical behaviour of irresponsible governments and global corporates. Planned immigration should be cut by 50% to begin the process of population control demonstrating to the rest of the world we are willing to do our bit in reducing pressures on our natural resources, in particular water, as well as stopping the growing greenhouse gasses that emanate from population increase. Australia is arguably the driest continent on Earth and we must be fair dinkum about long term sustainability. Limiting Australia’s immigration program is an option that should be used to control the total numbers of migrants entering Australia instead of turning away desperate people. We could focus limits on those countries where refugees are coming from by restricting planned immigration from these countries until they act in a more humane manner towards their people. Isolating and condemning desperate human beings to offshore prisons no matter where they are is morally wrong. We should not allow our politicians to promote racism and bigotry and to divide community attitudes where compassion and unity is essential.  Until we fix the dirty side of humanity we must show compassion to those who are in greatest need, allow and help desperate people as best we can, but restrict planned migration to control population overall.

Authorised by Alan Lappin, PO Box 1234 Wangaratta VIC 3676

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