Big Buffalo a Bath Tub Dream Based on a Rare Event!

This project will involve the destruction of thousands of hectares of beautiful river valleys, forest and ecologically dependent habitat for wildlife. Forests are known to play a major role in biologically seeding clouds by releasing aero bacteria, resulting in rain. Since European occupation almost 80% of forest has been destroyed. Our rainfall is reducing across the Murray Darling Basin due to human impacts on the Murray Darling hydrological and ecological systems. From 2000 to 2009 annual rainfall decreased by an alarming 100mm according to data from the Bureau of Meteorology. Apart from a one in twenty year event there is no longer enough rain to fill our existing large dams, in fact if trends continue they will run dry in the not too distant future. The average temperature for our region increased at an alarming rate of around 1⁰C from 1999-2009. If that trend continues in our region the results by 2020-2050 will be catastrophic. We may not be here! None of us! Our businesses, properties and homes will be worthless. So if we build Big Buffalo over the next 10 to 15 years, will it ever fill, will it help anyone and who will it help? Certainly not the dying Murray Darling Basin that we all depend upon or the environment of the Ovens River flood plains. It is scientific fact that large man made dams have extremely detrimental effects on aquatic organism and flood plain biota as well as nutrient replacement across flood plains. To build Big Buffalo at this stage would be to invest millions of dollars of public money into a scheme based on political grandstanding, arrogance, ignorance, selfishness and greed for the short term gains of a few. Filling Big Buffalo would take at least 5 years (being very optimistic under current trends) meanwhile denying the natural environment and those living down stream of water for years which in turn may even deny South Australians of drinking water. To ignore scientific evidence and advice on major environmental impacts and climatological warnings is an act of stupidity and complete irresponsibility, particularly if you occupy a public position as important as a member of parliament in my opinion. The responsible way is to encourage people at all levels to live with less water; change our farming practices away from intensive irrigation. The window of opportunity to turn climate trends around is closing at a frightening rate. For the sake of long term prosperity in our region, our children, grandchildren and our future generations please help me put an end to this dangerous rubbish. Dear Ken, fill up your bath tub, put a rubber duck in it and label it Big Buffalo, this may help you sleep at night.

Alan J Lappin

Your Future Member of Parliament for Indi

191 Colvin Road


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