Greens betray our troops in Afghanistan

 In my opinion Bob Brown and the Greens have decided to pull the rug on our troops in Afghanistan, undermine the last two elected governments and our allies by politicising the deaths of our very brave soldiers. Grabbing for votes in this way at this point in time just before an election is politically motivated and disgusting. When a team of sportsmen run out onto a field to compete and one player gets hurt, does the coach or the supporters yell out: come off and give in before anyone else gets hurt? Does this mean as soon as the going gets tough we become scared and quit; of course not, we fight on and try harder to win. I suggest Side Show Bob and the Greens ask our troops do they want to quit. Our media should conduct a poll with our troops to give Bob Brown his answer. We must stand by the Afghanistan people and work with them until a long term peaceful solution is achieved. I believe to pull out now or start a process of dividing Australians over our national interest should be perceived as cowardly and an act of betrayal to our troops and allies and indeed ourselves. It would be an absolute insult to the fallen troops, comrades and in particular their families to pull out now. It is also highly likely that genocide would occur if we withdraw too early.  I don’t agree with this or any other war, I believe there must be other solutions and I become distressed when we lose any of our brave men and women, I wish they weren’t there. But I will support our government’s actions and our troops ashore all the way, once a bipartisan decision has been made including with our allies. Prospering on the deaths of our troops and the sadness of a nation by hoping to gain votes stinks. In my opinion this is political opportunism and cowardice of the worst kind.  We must all stand in unity and say no to Side Show Bob and the Greens on this issue.

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