Goals for the Future of Australia

 1. We need to insist on immediate action to minimise the possible impacts of climate change and fix our environment for the sake of our children and future generations and limit our population to 25 million people

2. It is imperative that we insist on the best possible health and education facilities for all Australians based on fairness and equity.

3. Re-define our economies and social values using an Environmental Dollar Scheme to achieve total recyclable systems and products and link our economies to the health of our planet.

4. We need to build a cohesive culture that achieves national unity and human compassion.

5. Act to reduce water consumption by 50 – 75% by imposing permanent restrictions and minimising irrigation but provide financial assistance for up to 5 years to help farmers moving away from intensive irrigation or unsustainable farming supporting restructure.

6. Re-invest in research and development, in agriculture and industry to take advantage of new products, native food potential and other crops suited to Australian conditions. We should support and protect Australian farming with subsidised incomes.

7. Reintroduce trade tariffs to protect Australian businesses and farming.

8. I believe small to medium business should be tax exempt for the first year of starting a business and one in every five years of running.

9. Introduce a private members bill to make foreign ownership of Australian soils, minerals, natural resources including our water, illegal by 2030 – 2050.

10. Initiate a private members bill to buy back water rights pre 2000 at the original purchase price and develop a new water market aimed at preventing the extortion of the Australian public.

11. Re-build ‘Fair Go Mate’ based on honesty and integrity.

Authorised by Alan Lappin, Independent Member for Indi

PO Box 1234 Wangaratta VIC 3676

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