Evolving Humanity

Evolving Humanity

We need to firstly identify our greatest weaknesses and worst characteristics that lead us to failure and place ourselves at risk. To list them all in a single letter would be too much, however the big picture items are more easily identifiable and easy to explain. Offering solutions is more contentious but must be attempted. Human Greed is by far our worst characteristic, a disease that infects almost everyone on Earth; a disease that drives us to murder both through direct acts or acts by stealth to gain materialistic wealth and power. In the past the evolution of human societies has been a result of conquest of one over another with the strongest and fittest winning the day in the quest for survival, now superseded by the most devious, tricky, manipulative and ruthless of humans methods, using insidious intelligence that employs sinister weaponry and technologies to protect and expand their never ending quest for increased wealth and not necessarily survival. Billions of fellow human beings often pay in blood suffering great cruelty at the hands of the greediest of humans with their appalling and totally immoral behaviour. With just 0.1% of the worlds human population controlling and owning 90% of all wealth no additional explanation about greed should be required, noting 90% of humans now live in hardship and destitution, that’s 6.3 billion out of 7.0 billion. How does a social system control and suppress such a massive proportion of its people’s into accepting such terrible disparity, avoiding social disorder, unrest and anarchy? Some of the answers are religious indoctrination systems, well contrived legal systems aimed at protecting the wealthy, suppressing and controlling the masses; government propaganda campaigns and heavily controlled media; institutions that control the human mind by limiting the ability to think and question. Why is it so? By keeping the masses basically uneducated and simple, poor and desperate simply trying to survive on a daily bases ensures power and control remain with the super greedy. To elucidate this picture most Australians fit into the top 1% of humans wallowing in relative wealth although well behind the 0.1 % at the top, the billionaires and aspiring trillionaires. And yet in our so called well educated Australian society, human brainwashing and mind control strategies are still heavily employed to ensure we don’t question the great capitalist system; most of us live in ignorance of the big picture unable to comprehend its reality and therefore are non compassionate towards its tragic outcomes for the vast majority of fellow humans, with many of us average Australians striving to become super greedy and wealthy ourselves. The cures are simple but violently opposed; a cap on wealth for any individual, and the evolution and practicing of true spirituality moving away from corrupt, trumped up ancient scrolls and mind control practices of the past; removing the built in biases from our legal system favouring the wealthy and legislating a truly honest and democratic media making monopoly ownerships illegal. The answers lie in building a society seeking honesty, integrity, love caring and sharing protecting this beautiful planet we live on. Such thinking is and will be adamantly opposed by the selfish and super greedy, branded revolutionary and dangerous to society, communistic, but must occur if humanity is to truly evolve to a higher level species living in harmony with each other and the universe we live in; a virtual paradise surely worth consideration.

Alan Lappin

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