Australia’s Shrinking Food Bowl

The massive sale of Australian agricultural lands, water and resources to foreign ownership including China, India, Indonesia and Korea is ludicrous. Not only will our ability to feed our own population be diminished, so will the ability of our young Australians to enjoy a good lifestyle and to purchase their own land and homes into the future. We may well end up buying most of our food and water from China and the likes; they will produce high quality low pollution food grown in Australia and send it to China to feed their people (the good stuff) while we eat highly polluted foods from overseas at inflated prices. As average Australians lose control of our lands, water and resources we will become exploited second rate world citizens. With continuing outrageous migration levels in particular from Asian countries real estate prices will become out of reach for average Australian young people, encouraged by greedy developers, real estate agents and wealthy global entrepreneurs, elite professionals and of course our wealthy politicians both Liberal and Labor. It is time for the average Australian citizen to wake up and realize what is going on or our children and grandchildren will suffer the consequences of our ignorance and apathy, while the children and grandchildren of the wealthy and elite professional groups do very very well. When the mining boom ends or all the mines belong to overseas; when our lands and waters are sold off, what will be left for the average citizens; the children and grandchildren of the ANZACS? Even our parliaments may become dominated by overseas Nationalities. In reality this is all about human greed and we must stop it by placing limits on personal wealth, but to do that we must change the way we think and vote before it’s all too late!

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