New Age Mind Control, Our Children are at Risk

Probably the greatest tragedy of human evolution and development is the application of mind control systems and practices by human societies over times past and present. Society has deliberately limited the ability to think of the individual, especially individuals from the working class masses. Brute force (soldiers and police) or passive violence (starvation and deprivation of the masses) are still used but superseded by religious indoctrination methods and institutions; mass media indoctrination and manipulation now enhanced with cleverly and evilly contrived computerised gadgets with games designed to totally consume the minds of our young people; designed to stop them from thinking about the realities of life. The evidence is clear and that is that young people are becoming far less aware of the real world around them; they are becoming absorbed into the plastic human world which has no relevance to Nature or the Planet we live and rely on for our existence. Most of our young people are politically unaware, socially isolated and have no philosophical values; they are the victims of broken families, many from parents already de-brained by television programs designed to stop the processes of thinking. One simple example is how people are conditioned to watching sport live or on television whilst having a beer or wine thus avoiding the need to think about real life, and another key mind control method come from reality TV shows based around who is sleeping with who (sex). During my recent university studies I was appalled to find discussions among young students were not about study subjects, philosophy or politics but about the brainless reality shows; this is mind control by stealth! I have watched my own grandchildren being affected by the use of DSs and computer games noting they develop behavioural problems and social detachment if not limited or stoped from using these devices. These are not fun games and devices developed for our beneficial amusement, they are dangerous new systems to control the free thinking of people; the masses. Placing human minds into boxes with sharply defined corners and walls limits our evolution or at least the evolution of the average citizens preventing humanity from achieving its greatest potentials. Remove yourself and your children and grandchildren from the sinister electronic Matrix; break away from the mind controlling grids and begin to truly think for yourself. Seek evolution through revolution in thinking!

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