2012 Australia Day a day of Shame

A Day of Shame
The recent emergency removal of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott on Australia Day from their ceremonial site allegedly because of Indigenous Australians posing threats to their lives must surely represent a terrible low in Australian history. As I watched over and over on television the events as they unfolded I started to think the whole thing looked like a well rehearsed movie clip; the TV cameras just happened to be in the right place at the right time, for example recording Julia Gillard’s talking to Tony Abbott about pending evacuation of herself and Mr Abbott; how could such a serious breach of security be allowed in the first place? Think about that! The camera man is tipped off about an escape plan, WHAT?. How perfectly convenient! Tony Abbott’s inference that the Tent Embassy should go thus inciting anger within the Indigenous community and the tipping off of the location of Gillard and Abbott to the Indigenous people all provided a great build up for a major media event. My opinion is the whole thing was setup and play acted out with the intention of elevating the importance of the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader’s security on that perfect occasion “Australia Day” when all Australians are encouraged to feel patriotic, however the sad and tragic victims of this pathetic event became once again our beautiful Indigenous Australians; portrayed as a group of maddened Black Fellows out to kill the White Leaders. The body guards and police should have been given academy awards for their performances all captured by the perfectly placed television crews and cameras. We need to think what does Australia Day mean to Aboriginals? The invasion and almost total annihilation of a fellow species of black skinned humans; 220 years of cultural and spiritual desecration which still continues today especially in the NT, QLD and WA closely followed by the other states. And now on Australia Day 2012 the Aboriginals, these incredible people who have been tenacious enough to have survived all they have copped still dare to stand up and protest, to be heard are racially villainised by our so called defenders of democracy; the Media, the Politicians and the Security Police. Australia Day 2012 should be seen as a day of National disgrace. As for those Aboriginals or so claimed Aboriginals who spoke out against their own people, you also stand in disgrace and should feel great shame if you are truly aboriginal. Maybe you have too much white blood in Ya?

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