Farmers are being wrongly Influenced

Farmers are being Setup for Failure
On the 2/2/2012 at Wangaratta a presentation by the Victorian Farmers Federation on the revised Murray Darling Basin Plan (MDBP) was given. I left the meeting feeling deeply concerned about farmers be wrongly manipulated, in particular irrigators from my point of view may be being incited towards selfishness, isolation, anger and even hatred. The meeting while having some good and sensible content also presented highly biased views and used what can only be called stories to convince farmers that the whole MDBP really wasn’t necessary; environmentally everything was ok in the Basin and proposed actions would likely be paid for solely by irrigators. No other scientific, political or Pro- Basin Plans views were presented; in my opinion this was indeed a highly biased presentation based on little to no facts aimed at stirring up miss trust and anger within the farming community. Scientist, environmentalist (Greens or Greenies) MDBP personnel politicians and city people coped a beating with a picture of city people being all ignorant coffee drinkers sitting around in restaurants; who don’t know or care about much at all. The claim was that even a survey was used to confirm this state of ignorance. It is my opinion that this sort of approach will isolate the farming community from mainstream society and is extremely dangerous building an atmosphere of selfishness and hatred that will eventually lead to great hardship and failure for farming Australia. We all depend upon a healthy natural environment for life to exist; everything else follows including agriculture. In my opinion the opposite view or illusion is being pushed not only by some members of the VFF but many anti environmentalist groups and individuals across society which is simply insane. Farming and economic profits come ahead of the health of our natural environment is delusional and against the interest of humanity, our future generations and all life on Earth. The worst and most disturbing thing expressed at this meeting was “that the rain that falls on my property belongs to me”, a most selfish and arrogant view demonstrating that some people think of themselves above God like status. These people actually believe they have the right to catch all water entering their land for them, forgetting in their absolute ignorance that the water vapour that produced the rain came from somewhere else mainly from the oceans. So it is not their water it belongs to all people and all life and needs sharing and very careful administration for the greater good of all. Selfishness and greed divide and conquer or work together and share are our choices. Consultancy between the VFF and associates with the MDB Commission and its associates at this point with the current mindsets is a total waste of public money and time; completely detrimental to all parties and particularly our future children.

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