Dangers of a Royal Commission

Dangers of a Royal Commission

In the pursuit of bringing paedophiles and their accomplices to justice, in particular where Catholics are the main target. It is critical that we remember most people including Catholics and their clergy are beautiful people. Bad or even terrible behaviour belongs with a select minority of any group of humans. It is also critical to identify why these people end up down this pathway. The blame should be focussed on medieval beliefs and practices (celibacy) which should have been thrown out of church and society many decades ago. I am certain the people who enter into priesthood did so initially in good faith to serve their belief system and their community; I am certain they don’t understand or expect to end up sex predators. The great danger is that a Royal Commission could become a witch hunt that divides our Nation; generates extreme paranoia, distrust, hatred and cost the tax payer countless millions of dollars. I can only express great pity for the victims and encourage them to speak out and seek help to deal with the nightmares inflicted upon them. Paedophiles must be identified and punished, but also seen as potentially victims, mentally unwell requiring psychological analysis and help. Human understanding and compassion is required all round in lieu of a negative social stigma and hatred outcomes. All Religious Institutions must change their ways and throw out medieval scriptures, practices (mind control) contradictory to good human well being, happiness and true spirituality; encouraging emancipation of the mind.

Alan J Lappin

Former Independent Candidate for Indi

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