Litigation; Out of Control

Litigation; Out of Control

Before I comment any further I must state, the vast majority of Legal Professionals are truly good genuine people acting fairly, ethically and professionally and the vast majority of community are good honest people, but the un-ethical legal eagles and un-principled people are killing our Nation. Australia is the most litigated Nation on Earth driven by Human Greed; greedy individuals encouraged and indeed manipulated by greedy Solicitors, Lawyers, and Judges and so on. The cost to the Australian Public is enormous and growing highlighted by recent absurd damage or injury claims from one end of the country to the other. Arguably this is all about human parasites and greed personified money munches. Many claims are absolutely ridiculous and the laws must be changed to prevent such un-principled claims by citizens and un-ethical behaviour by rogue legal eagles. “Fair and legitimate claims are not being questioned or criticised here”.  The fix is to change the Laws but to do this effectively means changing the Law Makers; our contemporary Politicians, most of who are from legal backgrounds; Law Makers feeding the legal system by creating a positive loop back effect to grow their own bank accounts and those of their mates. Australia is not in this mess by accident! The un-ethical should be banned from practice; the un-principled have opportunity removed and political parasites removed from parliament. Our professional and academic citizens should be serving community for the community and be fairly paid, but not joining the greed feast like vultures.

Alan J Lappin

Former Independent Candidate for Indi

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