Cross Roads of Humanity

Crossroads of Humanity 2.

By Alan James Lappin 5/3/2013


            A time of great uncertainty is upon us with endless inputs of human thinking and behaviour; a time of accelerating change filled with both excitement and deep concern. The age we now live in has been referred to as the Age of Greed going from the selfish and highly materialistic baby boomer generation transcending to Gen Y now referred to as the self indulgent generation.

            Humanity is a mixed bag with many different cultures with somewhat vastly and far to often opposing ideals. Deep religious divides exist passed down from medieval times, contrived to control the human mind itself, particularly the minds of the average citizens in order to enhance and protect the Empires of Kings and Queens, now expanded to extremely wealthy individuals and families, powerful Churches and giant corporations and financial institutions. Adding to this disturbing assemblage is a human population now exceeding several billion persons of whom six billion live in hardship with many in complete destitution.

            Humanity has moved from World War 2 proceeded by a litany of minor wars based on resource acquisition and protection under the facades of protecting human rights and improving world security; empire building by world power brokers continues. Enormous pressures are building with new and vast economies emerging; people almost everywhere seeking greater material wealth and pleasures. Human migration is enormous with people everywhere moving to escape hardship and even death, or simply those wanting to travel the world site seeing, engulfed in a form of mass hysteria with over 6 million people flying in jet powered airplanes at any second in time, burning up huge natural resources and destroy the environment to do so. This is an anthropocentric world where nothing of any of this provides any nurturing of the Natural Environment, of our Planet, that place we all depend upon for life and our very existence.  

            Great advances in education, science, medicine and understanding have occurred along with human compassion and a conscious awareness of our place in the universe form the positives of our evolution. The positives are tragically overshadowed by deliberate divisiveness aimed at command and conquer, accumulation of wealth and power without conscience or compassion; the exploitation of the masses for the survival of the Greediest and most sinister people on Earth. Huge military machines and arsenals of deadly weapons stand ready to annihilate any perceived threats to the wealth and power of those at the top end of town; the Kings and Queens and Super Rich and Greedy, just a few hundred humans out of billions handed down wealth and power over time. These groups along with their sinister contrived institutions, armies and stealth like organisations have proven themselves brutally cruel and ruthless stifling human social and moral evolution it to suit their needs and their wellbeing only!

            The big question then is how does humanity advance, evolve and survive under such a sinister background? A background employing the most insidious strategies and technologies of all time to maintain their powerful grip and control over changes; stifling good common and decent human qualities that may threaten their contrived world. The very institutions such as our schools and universities that are supposed to set our minds free are strictly limited as to what they can teach and in fact are used as a further means of mind control avoiding the big questions of politics, greed, religious indoctrination and so never questioning capitalism and our aspirations to materialism itself. Scientific and Philosophical thinking, and environmental knowledge are avoided, carefully hidden from the masses for these aspects of thinking expose our contrived plastic world with all of its lies and deceit. There is nothing new here, a simple trip back in time to Plato’s Republic almost 2500 years ago opens one’s eyes to the stark reality that nothing in humanity has changed accept for industrial and technological advancements and because the greater human thinking has been shut down we have remained selfishly childlike but armed with weapons of mass destruction. The basic tools only, that allow each individual to participate within society are taught thus creating one generation after another of human worker bees no different to the honey bees serving their Queens and Drones, however our bee hives are far more sinister and self destructive totally out of touch and out of balance with Nature itself.

            The happening of the Industrial age has brought many great advances for humanity but it comes with great cost. Demands for energy to run our machines and cities and the resources needed to build all the associated infrastructure has grown to unlimited expectations as if based on a planet of infinite size. Sickening pollution vented from our human machines and factories now taints the whole planet threatening many living ecological systems already pushed to the point of extinction by human expansion and spacial demands. One deadly byproduct of all this human demand comes in the forms of billions of tones of additional manmade carbon dioxide and associated greenhouse gasses, arisen to challenge humanity itself; creating a curse called Global Warming and its deadly weapon Climate Change.

            Humanity is now stuck in a quandary, an enigma that may well prove un solvable, dilemma’s that will even impact the Kings and Queens and super wealthy along with all of the power brokers. Each hypothetical solution creates more dangerous scenarios each one capable of bringing about the extinction of our species and absolutely no guarantee that any one or several proposed fixes will work to stop the Grim Reaper that is Global Warming. Global Warming at supersonic speed that stops evolution in its tracks, for no species will be able to change and adapt anywhere quick enough to survive such powerful rates of change on our planet if this trend continues.

            Here we are at the crossroads of Humanity and our choices are very limited. The choices are nonnegotiable, a series of protocols that will give us a chance to survive. A unified approach by all of humanity must occur and will involve tearing down the old human world that has virtually no relationship with the planet we live and depend on. We will have to build a new age of humanity based on all of the good qualities of humanity, living in sustainable harmony with our planet where Love Caring and Sharing built on Honesty and Integrity rules our future. Only from here will the protocols for survival be apparent and available. To continue on our current path is to re live the sinking of the Titanic but this time there are no life boats; and without a rapid response by all humans and a revolutionary change in human attitudes and behaviour there will be no hope!



The Age of Emancipation of the Human Mind


            At that point where humanity stood at the precipice of existence the voices of revolutionary thinkers began to be heard; deep philosophical thinkers who could visualise a far more beautiful humanity living in harmony with each other and our living planet. It was now that people everywhere could see that life and the continence of life was far more important than contemporary values and the detached plastic world humanity had made for itself.

            In utter desperation humanity joined together and pulled down all of the great divides to perform an exorcism of insidious mind control mechanisms used over the centuries to liberate the power of human thinking itself across all of humanity. The whole process, the revolution could only start from the grass roots of civilization, but this time instead of being crushed and suppressed by Kings and Queens and Power Brokers, it was encouraged, for even they desired survival above all having finally realised that there were no special life boats to escape on, not even for them.

            Religious divisions evolved into a commonality in spirituality where no claims of knowledge were made but a belief in spiritual energies beyond our physical comprehension existed and prevailed equally over all of humanity. A God if you like not separate and beyond but a part of who we are, to seek both individually and collectively but never again with mind control practices; pure philosophical thinking had been rekindled across all of humanity driven by our greatest qualities of love and compassion with deep conscience and awareness of our place in the universe and dependence upon the health and wellbeing of our planet; being a part and not apart from life on Earth.

            It was now that human brain power worked together in unity and in purpose, a new age of science for all of the right reasons, the unification of humanity seen countless trillions of dollars previously spent on weaponry changed to feeding and caring for humanity and all life and fixing Global Warming. A new age of caring and sharing had has began limiting our greatest enemy, human greed itself for all time. Limiters, controllers and restrictors of the human mind were removed; emancipation of the human mind had began, empowering human evolution into The Age of Greatness fusing pure spiritually and reality together in harmony with our world and our universe. We had prevailed; we had evolved into the most magnificent loving and caring species at last!

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