Asylum Seekers, the Boat people

Mr Rudd’s and Mr Abbott’s policies on refugees/asylum seekers coming by boat are inhumane; morally and ethically wrong. Abbott’s policy of sending the boats back condemns fellow human beings to extreme hardship and or possible death from drowning or the barrel of a gun; arguably murder on the high seas. Rudd’s policy of sending fellow human beings to New Guinea without any choice or consideration of circumstances is a denial of human rights and these people will be going to a country not yet ready for them in terms of housing or anything else; they may also face a hostile reception leading to great hardship and or death; arguably murder on the high seas. The people making these treacherous journeys are mostly innocent and desperate fellow human beings, men, women and children escaping from hell. Numerous television documentaries show this to be true. These people should be processed humanely then re-housed on a regional agreement basis. Non genuine refugees/asylum seekers should be flown back to where they came from. The people smuggler argument is a deceitful façade creating an excuse for inhumane policy towards people in need of help. Noting more illegal entry into Australia is via air than by sea. Focussing on the boats is a Tony Abbott drug now swallowed by Kevin Rudd, a political deception blinding Australians to a much greater issue, “the Elephant in the room”: taking Australia’s population towards 120 million people. At best 30 million maybe sustainable and that’s a big maybe!
Alan J Lappin
Independent Candidate for Indi
191 Colvin Road

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