Food Security Challenges

Even the great conservative Mr Tim Fischer has now acknowledged climate change impacts are deadly serious placing world food security at great risk; the Himalayan Glaciers are melting fast and will dramatically impact food production along the Mekong and Ganges Rivers within 25 years. Hundreds of millions of people will be affected. Little wonder China and other countries are buying agricultural land all around the world including Australia big time. According to scientific reports world wide agricultural land is being lost at an alarming rate due to desertification, salinity, soil acidification, erosion, rising sea levels and of course urban sprawl; by 2030 the loss may be as large in area as the country of India. In Australia people have been deliberately confused and lied to about climate change, but no longer at least according to Tim Fischer, Amazing Hey! CSIRO scientist said our continent maybe more severely impacted than many other places on Earth. I have argued for years that we should have been preparing for worst case scenario by stopping the great sell off of our lands, minerals and water, by reducing our over consumption and dependency on water and stopping the environmental vandalism of our forest by excessive burning. And that the original Murray Darling Basin Plan should have been implemented. Our wealthy elitist politicians have failed in their duty of care to the Australian Citizens; securing votes through lies and deceit has taken precedent. Noting Alan Lappin was completely snubbed from the Charles Sturt University debate.
Alan J Lappin
Former Independent Candidate for Indi
191 Colvin Road

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