Liberal/National Party wrong on the National Broadband Network

Firstly my opinion on the NBN is based on my former career in communications of 40 years. I am well rehearsed in both copper wire and optical fibre networks and the problems associated mixed technologies. The great advantages of optical fibre are extremely high speed data transmission speeds, immunity from electromagnetic interference such as lightning strikes, powerlines radiation electric fence noise, mobile phone interference and many other sources; all big problems for regional Australians. Copper networks are subject to all these problems and cannot match optical fibre on speed and reliability. Optical fibre has a much longer lifespan where copper is subject to electrolysis and other environmental degenerative processes. The current proposed NBN will benefit all Australians well into the future and must not be compromised by the Liberal/National’s second rate proposal of mixed technologies. One way or another, this will cost Australia a lot of money but the payback of getting it right in the first place will be enormous and everyone will benefit; don’t accept a network full of bottle necks and ongoing problems delivered by a cheap and nasty approach that will have to be inevitably fixed into the future at far greater cost. Regional Australians deserve and need the best so that we can improve our time management and productivity making us more competitive into the future.
Alan J Lappin
Former Independent Candidate for Indi
191 Colvin Road

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