Why Vote for Alan Lappin

Your Independent Candidate for Indi.
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Independent Candidate for Indi Alan Lappin (photograph courtesy of the Wangaratta Chronicle)
Help me make a quality difference for all Australians
• Restore accountability, demand honesty, integrity and human compassion.
• Reclaim democracy by putting a fair share of non wealthy average citizens into our parliaments.
• Ensure equity via a ‘Fair Dinkum Fair Go’ for all Australians approach! Fight Human Greed!
• I will consult, unite and support the well being of all our community in Indi.
• Protect and cherish our children’s futures by ensuring our planet is going to be fit to live on in the future.
Reclaim our democratic representation
• 90% of Australians now live on average incomes or lower. We are the average citizens.
• Almost all of our federal parliamentarians are privileged elite, wealthy high flying legal, medical and corporate professionals. The Average Citizen is missing!
• These wealthy elitist are increasingly unrepresentative of the Australian people; that is why Australia is being sold out; a betrayal of the ANZACS; why the rich are getting richer; why things are getting tough for the average citizens. We must stop the lies, facades and deceit!
• The Australia that I grew up in everyone had a fair go. Our society embraced everyone and promised opportunity to all. We cared about our mates. That is my commitment to you.
Prioritise education, health, employment, fair trade.
• We must regain the balance of health and education equality for everyone.
• Nationalisation of our health system will improve services and contain cost.
• Our taxes are to pay for public education not to subsidise the wealthy private schools.
• People everywhere should be paid a decent wage and treated fairly in the work place.
• Australian business and Farmers have everything stacked against them as they try to compete with cheap imports and honour inflexible industrial practices and agreements.
• The removal of tariffs is the worst case of betrayal of the average Australian citizen.
Sustainable population and resource use.
• We must limit our population to 30 million citizens in order to achieve genuine social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability and build dynamic circular economies.
• Our agricultural lands, minerals, water, even our fuels and essential services are being sold overseas and exported for a pittance, now we pay escalating prices for energy and fuels.
• We need to live with less water and prepare our community for climate change impacts.
• We must stop high water use crops, such as rice and cotton and restore the Murray Darling Basin according to science; our future children depend on our ethics and unselfishness.
Challenge the great inequality!
• The great imbalance in wealth has been created by our wealthy politicians; now over 2.2 million Australians are living in poverty and life for average Australians is getting tough.
• We must get tough and overhaul our tax system to redistribute wealth.
• Continuing down a path of more for the rich and less for the poor will lead to social instability, high levels of crime and eventual socio-economic collapse.
So why should you elect me to serve you in Parliament?
We need informed and dedicated politicians who will consult with and represent the interests of mainstream Australians; a politician who will unite the community of Indi and work together for the good of all instead of being divisive and destructive. I am absolutely committed to reclaiming genuine democracy for the average citizen. Honesty and integrity must be restored. Help me make Indi the best of the best for all of our community. Supercharge your vote, empower the average citizen and restore the rights of the mainstream Australians by voting for the only True Blue Genuine Average Aussie Independent. Vote 1 Alan Lappin.
Authorised and written by Alan Lappin. 191 Colvin Road Boorhaman Nth VIC 3685
Printed by Chiltern Lions Club 57 Albert Rd Chiltern 3683
Google: bigal2canberra for a deeper look at Alan Lappin’s policies. email: bigal2canberra@optusnet.com.au Mail PO Box 1234 Wangaratta 3676

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