Alan Lappin Politics 2016

Alan Lappin, Independent Candidate stands for Indi against the Odds

By the People for the People.

Australia’s major political parties have betrayed us, our values and even our identity as True Blue Aussies. The arrogant and self-serving manner in which they’ve broken major election promises, abused parliamentary privileges and undermined the trust Australians placed in them is disgusting and sickening.


Our Politicians have allowed the wealthy and the privileged to corrupt our parliaments and our judicial systems, concentrating wealth and power as never before into ever-fewer hands; feathering their own nests while undermining and attacking the living standards of mainstream Australians.


They are mocking values which collectively and uniquely define us as Australians: freedom for individuals to speak and to choose, freedom from discrimination, a ‘fair go mate’ for everyone with equal rights for all under law, equal and aspirational opportunities for all, ‘mateship’ such as giving a helping hand to those in need.


It is up to us to reassert that Australia is about all Australians united as one people, and our electorate of Indi is a great place to start. This is a part of my vision for our future.


If elected as the Member for Indi: I will promote individual and community wellbeing throughout Indi; we will work to ensure everyone gets a fair share in what Australia offers and is able to contribute meaningfully and productively to a more environmentally sustainable and better future.


Close to my heart is the need to ensure that the massive gap between the rich and the destitute poor is properly and genuinely addressed. Decent societies ensure fair living standards for all, they build compassion and capacity and worship dignity. We must care for the unemployed, the disadvantaged, marginalised Australians, our kids, the frail and for the elderly; we must share the wealth of our Nation equitably.






I will champion a society that practices fair dinkum democracy that protects all citizens equally. One backed by a properly funded legal aid system for those who cannot afford legal representation. A society that empowers all its people and provides a State Education System of the best quality possible where race and religious bias are excluded. I will fight against the Americanisation of our health, welfare and education systems. 


We must rid our country of the latest antidemocratic draconian laws (antiterrorism, metadata, media blackout and control laws that deny freedom speech and freedom of journalism). We are losing our freedom.


As the Member for Indi I will be dedicated to making our region the best place to live in Australia; one boasting a diverse, dynamic, circular and futures-focused economy that maximises what its people and their environment can sustainably provide and whose social and cultural life values celebrates who we are. By building an inclusive united community that embraces all its members in goal setting, problem solving, planning and development, we can be the best of the best.


Poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, drug abuse and crime in our electorate has risen dramatically, a reflection of incompetence by our local members of parliament and incompetent economic management by successive Governments. Fuelling these problems are the collapse of our manufacturing industries, struggling small businesses, the betrayal of our farmers, the Great Sell Off of our essential services, publically owned industries and assets, including our lands and water. Massive cuts in human support services and welfare support demonstrate the insincerity of our wealthy elitist politicians towards caring for average Australians in need.   


It is our greatest moral obligation to stop un-controlled capitalism; the dung of evil as described by Pope Francis; the driver of Global Warming that threatens our very existence. We need an environmental dollar scheme, a cap on individual wealth and a fresh look at the impact of limitless human population growth. Embracing clean energy and turning away from mindless materialism will ensure a future for all our kids and future generations.




Collectively, our major parties have betrayed our trust and sold Australia out to dog-eat-dog globalisation; even creating slave labour forces to serve the greed of the super wealthy. We must not allow the sacrifices, the struggles and the stories of our ancestors to be denied and corrupted any longer. We must recognise Indigenous Australians in our constitution properly and embrace their history and culture as an integral part of our Nation. 


The wages and conditions of average Australians are now under siege while large corporations and the superrich avoid taxes, thumbing their noses at us. Conditions we fought for including annual leave, long service leave, sick leave and job security are being destroyed and undermined by the Liberal/National and Labour’s work for the dole’ scheme, their 457 visas, the Great Sell Off of Australia. Slave Labour must be stopped.


Our major parties have deliberately allowed the proliferation of toxic Genetically Modified Foods and Crops across Australia while Europe and Russia ban them, they have allowed the disastrous practice of CSG (Fracking) which has now seen hundreds of square kilometres of prime agricultural land destroyed possibly for ever and continue to expand coal mining industry despite their propaganda; we could have been the world leaders in Green Energy and the exporters of its products. They even want to make Australia a nuclear waste dump for the Northern Hemisphere. In 2010 I said: “Enough is Enough”, surely in 2016 it is well and truly Enough; change your vote to your genuine Independent Alan Lappin.


If just 50.1% of the people in Indi Vote for Alan Lappin at the next federal election we average citizens will begin a revolution of change; major political parties will receive an emphatic message that they must stop, look, listen and show some respect to us. Divide and conquer and dishonest politics must end in our country and the people must end it.


Honesty, integrity, love, caring and sharing and compassion are humanities greatest qualities; they empower all of us towards a better future.

Vote 1: Alan Lappin; your genuine Independent Candidate for Indi.


Written and Authorised by Alan Lappin 191 Colvin Road Boorhaman North VIC    

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