Save our children – Big Al and the Future Generations Movement

Political Launch Statement by Alan Lappin – Future independent candidate for Indi Electorate.

We must protect our children’s future; we must protect our future generations. The futures of middle income and lower income children are at high risk. What we are seeing around the world, including Australia is a push by the rich and greedy to take all. Ask yourself, where have all the billions of dollars gone throughout the global crisis? Did all this money suddenly evaporate? The answer is no, somebody took it. Almost 95% of the world’s wealth is owned by about 5% of the world’s people; this equates to five people in one hundred owning $95 and ninety five people having to share $5. So the only way the world’s economies can collapse is for the rich and greedy to withdraw their money from the money markets; they took it. No matter what the ninety five people do with their $5 it won’t make any difference. Are we repeating simular history that caused the Great Depression and World War 2. This appalling inequality of wealth must change.

As our current practices of unchecked capitalism continue, so does the risk of mass extinction. Science has painstakingly built a mountain of evidence showing that we have made our beautiful planet ill, possibly terminally ill. The proof of climate change has been seen and talked about for the past 30 years, we all talk about how the seasons have changed and how the sun burns us so easily compared to when we were young. For all of the people around my age group, we have never experienced such terrible climatic conditions, and nor did our parents. We don’t always need scientific evidence to provide proof; all we need to do is open our eyes and minds. We all know the planet is sick and we made it sick, now we have to fix it.

And yet we continue to clear forest at an alarming rate around the world. Five years ago the forest clearing was estimated to a football field every thirty minutes, now it is said to be every five seconds. Who is doing this? Mainly large, rich and greedy corporations using slave labour in poor countries so that they can increase their endless wealth. In Australia we continue to destroy our farmlands by irrigating in areas of our continent that should never have been irrigated. The Murray Darling River system is dying from over consumption of water. High profit crops such as rice, cotton and the massive over production of wine must be stopped. Irrigation must be reduced to an absolute minimum.          

Politicians who deny scientific reality and ignore scientific advice are either, greed motivated, totally incompetent or completely irresponsible. Politicians have become masters of lies and deceit, self indulgent, self protecting of their own. As a society we have become conditioned to accept that lies and deceit are simply politics. It does not and should not be this way. We must put an end to wealthy people dominating the corridors of our parliaments, protecting and enhancing their wealth. The economic and environmental mess we are in is a result of wealthy people in parliament looking after wealthy people, taxes and laws that protect the rich. We all know about this, we all complain about this; we need to stop this; we need to put non wealthy, non greedy, responsible people into our parliaments.

If we continue to lust for wealth, especially the top 5%; then with absolute certainty, our children and grandchildren will face unimaginable hardship and our future children will have been aborted before they are conceived, along with most life on Earth. Remember Extinction is final.

Help save the children and stop the insanity: Send Big Al (Alan Lappin) to Canberra at the next Federal Election.

You can show your support for Big Al and the Future Generations Movement by joining this blog.

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