Dangers of a Royal Commission

Dangers of a Royal Commission

In the pursuit of bringing paedophiles and their accomplices to justice, in particular where Catholics are the main target. It is critical that we remember most people including Catholics and their clergy are beautiful people. Bad or even terrible behaviour belongs with a select minority of any group of humans. It is also critical to identify why these people end up down this pathway. The blame should be focussed on medieval beliefs and practices (celibacy) which should have been thrown out of church and society many decades ago. I am certain the people who enter into priesthood did so initially in good faith to serve their belief system and their community; I am certain they don’t understand or expect to end up sex predators. The great danger is that a Royal Commission could become a witch hunt that divides our Nation; generates extreme paranoia, distrust, hatred and cost the tax payer countless millions of dollars. I can only express great pity for the victims and encourage them to speak out and seek help to deal with the nightmares inflicted upon them. Paedophiles must be identified and punished, but also seen as potentially victims, mentally unwell requiring psychological analysis and help. Human understanding and compassion is required all round in lieu of a negative social stigma and hatred outcomes. All Religious Institutions must change their ways and throw out medieval scriptures, practices (mind control) contradictory to good human well being, happiness and true spirituality; encouraging emancipation of the mind.

Alan J Lappin

Former Independent Candidate for Indi

Farmers are being wrongly Influenced

Farmers are being Setup for Failure
On the 2/2/2012 at Wangaratta a presentation by the Victorian Farmers Federation on the revised Murray Darling Basin Plan (MDBP) was given. I left the meeting feeling deeply concerned about farmers be wrongly manipulated, in particular irrigators from my point of view may be being incited towards selfishness, isolation, anger and even hatred. The meeting while having some good and sensible content also presented highly biased views and used what can only be called stories to convince farmers that the whole MDBP really wasn’t necessary; environmentally everything was ok in the Basin and proposed actions would likely be paid for solely by irrigators. No other scientific, political or Pro- Basin Plans views were presented; in my opinion this was indeed a highly biased presentation based on little to no facts aimed at stirring up miss trust and anger within the farming community. Scientist, environmentalist (Greens or Greenies) MDBP personnel politicians and city people coped a beating with a picture of city people being all ignorant coffee drinkers sitting around in restaurants; who don’t know or care about much at all. The claim was that even a survey was used to confirm this state of ignorance. It is my opinion that this sort of approach will isolate the farming community from mainstream society and is extremely dangerous building an atmosphere of selfishness and hatred that will eventually lead to great hardship and failure for farming Australia. We all depend upon a healthy natural environment for life to exist; everything else follows including agriculture. In my opinion the opposite view or illusion is being pushed not only by some members of the VFF but many anti environmentalist groups and individuals across society which is simply insane. Farming and economic profits come ahead of the health of our natural environment is delusional and against the interest of humanity, our future generations and all life on Earth. The worst and most disturbing thing expressed at this meeting was “that the rain that falls on my property belongs to me”, a most selfish and arrogant view demonstrating that some people think of themselves above God like status. These people actually believe they have the right to catch all water entering their land for them, forgetting in their absolute ignorance that the water vapour that produced the rain came from somewhere else mainly from the oceans. So it is not their water it belongs to all people and all life and needs sharing and very careful administration for the greater good of all. Selfishness and greed divide and conquer or work together and share are our choices. Consultancy between the VFF and associates with the MDB Commission and its associates at this point with the current mindsets is a total waste of public money and time; completely detrimental to all parties and particularly our future children.

2012 Australia Day a day of Shame

A Day of Shame
The recent emergency removal of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott on Australia Day from their ceremonial site allegedly because of Indigenous Australians posing threats to their lives must surely represent a terrible low in Australian history. As I watched over and over on television the events as they unfolded I started to think the whole thing looked like a well rehearsed movie clip; the TV cameras just happened to be in the right place at the right time, for example recording Julia Gillard’s talking to Tony Abbott about pending evacuation of herself and Mr Abbott; how could such a serious breach of security be allowed in the first place? Think about that! The camera man is tipped off about an escape plan, WHAT?. How perfectly convenient! Tony Abbott’s inference that the Tent Embassy should go thus inciting anger within the Indigenous community and the tipping off of the location of Gillard and Abbott to the Indigenous people all provided a great build up for a major media event. My opinion is the whole thing was setup and play acted out with the intention of elevating the importance of the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader’s security on that perfect occasion “Australia Day” when all Australians are encouraged to feel patriotic, however the sad and tragic victims of this pathetic event became once again our beautiful Indigenous Australians; portrayed as a group of maddened Black Fellows out to kill the White Leaders. The body guards and police should have been given academy awards for their performances all captured by the perfectly placed television crews and cameras. We need to think what does Australia Day mean to Aboriginals? The invasion and almost total annihilation of a fellow species of black skinned humans; 220 years of cultural and spiritual desecration which still continues today especially in the NT, QLD and WA closely followed by the other states. And now on Australia Day 2012 the Aboriginals, these incredible people who have been tenacious enough to have survived all they have copped still dare to stand up and protest, to be heard are racially villainised by our so called defenders of democracy; the Media, the Politicians and the Security Police. Australia Day 2012 should be seen as a day of National disgrace. As for those Aboriginals or so claimed Aboriginals who spoke out against their own people, you also stand in disgrace and should feel great shame if you are truly aboriginal. Maybe you have too much white blood in Ya?

New Age Mind Control, Our Children are at Risk

Probably the greatest tragedy of human evolution and development is the application of mind control systems and practices by human societies over times past and present. Society has deliberately limited the ability to think of the individual, especially individuals from the working class masses. Brute force (soldiers and police) or passive violence (starvation and deprivation of the masses) are still used but superseded by religious indoctrination methods and institutions; mass media indoctrination and manipulation now enhanced with cleverly and evilly contrived computerised gadgets with games designed to totally consume the minds of our young people; designed to stop them from thinking about the realities of life. The evidence is clear and that is that young people are becoming far less aware of the real world around them; they are becoming absorbed into the plastic human world which has no relevance to Nature or the Planet we live and rely on for our existence. Most of our young people are politically unaware, socially isolated and have no philosophical values; they are the victims of broken families, many from parents already de-brained by television programs designed to stop the processes of thinking. One simple example is how people are conditioned to watching sport live or on television whilst having a beer or wine thus avoiding the need to think about real life, and another key mind control method come from reality TV shows based around who is sleeping with who (sex). During my recent university studies I was appalled to find discussions among young students were not about study subjects, philosophy or politics but about the brainless reality shows; this is mind control by stealth! I have watched my own grandchildren being affected by the use of DSs and computer games noting they develop behavioural problems and social detachment if not limited or stoped from using these devices. These are not fun games and devices developed for our beneficial amusement, they are dangerous new systems to control the free thinking of people; the masses. Placing human minds into boxes with sharply defined corners and walls limits our evolution or at least the evolution of the average citizens preventing humanity from achieving its greatest potentials. Remove yourself and your children and grandchildren from the sinister electronic Matrix; break away from the mind controlling grids and begin to truly think for yourself. Seek evolution through revolution in thinking!

Australia’s Shrinking Food Bowl

The massive sale of Australian agricultural lands, water and resources to foreign ownership including China, India, Indonesia and Korea is ludicrous. Not only will our ability to feed our own population be diminished, so will the ability of our young Australians to enjoy a good lifestyle and to purchase their own land and homes into the future. We may well end up buying most of our food and water from China and the likes; they will produce high quality low pollution food grown in Australia and send it to China to feed their people (the good stuff) while we eat highly polluted foods from overseas at inflated prices. As average Australians lose control of our lands, water and resources we will become exploited second rate world citizens. With continuing outrageous migration levels in particular from Asian countries real estate prices will become out of reach for average Australian young people, encouraged by greedy developers, real estate agents and wealthy global entrepreneurs, elite professionals and of course our wealthy politicians both Liberal and Labor. It is time for the average Australian citizen to wake up and realize what is going on or our children and grandchildren will suffer the consequences of our ignorance and apathy, while the children and grandchildren of the wealthy and elite professional groups do very very well. When the mining boom ends or all the mines belong to overseas; when our lands and waters are sold off, what will be left for the average citizens; the children and grandchildren of the ANZACS? Even our parliaments may become dominated by overseas Nationalities. In reality this is all about human greed and we must stop it by placing limits on personal wealth, but to do that we must change the way we think and vote before it’s all too late!

Evolving Humanity

Evolving Humanity

We need to firstly identify our greatest weaknesses and worst characteristics that lead us to failure and place ourselves at risk. To list them all in a single letter would be too much, however the big picture items are more easily identifiable and easy to explain. Offering solutions is more contentious but must be attempted. Human Greed is by far our worst characteristic, a disease that infects almost everyone on Earth; a disease that drives us to murder both through direct acts or acts by stealth to gain materialistic wealth and power. In the past the evolution of human societies has been a result of conquest of one over another with the strongest and fittest winning the day in the quest for survival, now superseded by the most devious, tricky, manipulative and ruthless of humans methods, using insidious intelligence that employs sinister weaponry and technologies to protect and expand their never ending quest for increased wealth and not necessarily survival. Billions of fellow human beings often pay in blood suffering great cruelty at the hands of the greediest of humans with their appalling and totally immoral behaviour. With just 0.1% of the worlds human population controlling and owning 90% of all wealth no additional explanation about greed should be required, noting 90% of humans now live in hardship and destitution, that’s 6.3 billion out of 7.0 billion. How does a social system control and suppress such a massive proportion of its people’s into accepting such terrible disparity, avoiding social disorder, unrest and anarchy? Some of the answers are religious indoctrination systems, well contrived legal systems aimed at protecting the wealthy, suppressing and controlling the masses; government propaganda campaigns and heavily controlled media; institutions that control the human mind by limiting the ability to think and question. Why is it so? By keeping the masses basically uneducated and simple, poor and desperate simply trying to survive on a daily bases ensures power and control remain with the super greedy. To elucidate this picture most Australians fit into the top 1% of humans wallowing in relative wealth although well behind the 0.1 % at the top, the billionaires and aspiring trillionaires. And yet in our so called well educated Australian society, human brainwashing and mind control strategies are still heavily employed to ensure we don’t question the great capitalist system; most of us live in ignorance of the big picture unable to comprehend its reality and therefore are non compassionate towards its tragic outcomes for the vast majority of fellow humans, with many of us average Australians striving to become super greedy and wealthy ourselves. The cures are simple but violently opposed; a cap on wealth for any individual, and the evolution and practicing of true spirituality moving away from corrupt, trumped up ancient scrolls and mind control practices of the past; removing the built in biases from our legal system favouring the wealthy and legislating a truly honest and democratic media making monopoly ownerships illegal. The answers lie in building a society seeking honesty, integrity, love caring and sharing protecting this beautiful planet we live on. Such thinking is and will be adamantly opposed by the selfish and super greedy, branded revolutionary and dangerous to society, communistic, but must occur if humanity is to truly evolve to a higher level species living in harmony with each other and the universe we live in; a virtual paradise surely worth consideration.

Alan Lappin

Goals for the Future of Australia

 1. We need to insist on immediate action to minimise the possible impacts of climate change and fix our environment for the sake of our children and future generations and limit our population to 25 million people

2. It is imperative that we insist on the best possible health and education facilities for all Australians based on fairness and equity.

3. Re-define our economies and social values using an Environmental Dollar Scheme to achieve total recyclable systems and products and link our economies to the health of our planet.

4. We need to build a cohesive culture that achieves national unity and human compassion.

5. Act to reduce water consumption by 50 – 75% by imposing permanent restrictions and minimising irrigation but provide financial assistance for up to 5 years to help farmers moving away from intensive irrigation or unsustainable farming supporting restructure.

6. Re-invest in research and development, in agriculture and industry to take advantage of new products, native food potential and other crops suited to Australian conditions. We should support and protect Australian farming with subsidised incomes.

7. Reintroduce trade tariffs to protect Australian businesses and farming.

8. I believe small to medium business should be tax exempt for the first year of starting a business and one in every five years of running.

9. Introduce a private members bill to make foreign ownership of Australian soils, minerals, natural resources including our water, illegal by 2030 – 2050.

10. Initiate a private members bill to buy back water rights pre 2000 at the original purchase price and develop a new water market aimed at preventing the extortion of the Australian public.

11. Re-build ‘Fair Go Mate’ based on honesty and integrity.

Authorised by Alan Lappin, Independent Member for Indi

PO Box 1234 Wangaratta VIC 3676